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What we ring

Although handbells make a regular appearance on Tours, our primary focus is change-ringing on tower bells. We concentrate on good striking. Any competent change-ringer is welcome to join.

We aim for a high standard of ringing and can typically manage a variety of Surprise Major and Royal as well as a wide repertoire of Minor methods. 

The Ringing Master title rotates annually. Ahead of each tour, the Master will ask everyone what they would like to ring. They will also suggest some topical challenges, e.g. ringing Lincolnshire Surprise in Lincolnshire, Surfleet at Surfleet and even some “Pickled Egg” methods.

Cycling & Ringing: Welcome


All types of bikes, all types of weather!

Ringers with all levels of cycling experience are welcome – enthusiasm is far more important than speed or experience!

We aim to tour in pretty parts of the country and avoid busy roads wherever possible. Tourers choose their own routes (and speed!) to suit their preferences. More experienced Rovers are always happy to help with route planning & navigation.

The daily itinerary of towers is worked out using an average speed of 8 mph. Of course if you ride faster, there is more time for tea, cake, beer & photo opportunities! The typical daily distance is 25-45 miles (less if hilly). The longest ride between towers is normally less than 15 miles, but often towers are much closer.

We ride in all weather conditions! As tours are in high summer, it’s not usually cold but can be wet.

All types of pedal-bike are welcome, from classic steel-framed Raleigh, to mountain bikes, carbon-fibre road bikes, hybrids and even tricycles.

Bike Gears
Cycling & Ringing: Who We Are
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