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"Rovers" has been on tour every year since 1947 (except 2020!). Here's a taster of where we've been for summer tours and reunion weekends over the last few years.

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Pontypridd, Wales

The 2020 winter reunion was based in the Llechwen Hall Hotel, high on a hill above the Taff valley near Pontypridd. 

Whilst Wales gave us plenty of wind and and rain, we were not affected by the recent flooding, and all went ahead as usual.  Thanks to Bryn K. for putting it all together, despite the arrival of his first daughter only 10 days beforehand, plus a house move!

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The 2019 tour was based at YHA Thurlby in Lincolnshire.  We had 13 full-time tourers plus a number of part-timers and cameo appearances.  Led by master Kevyn Hopkins we covered the miles & rang the bells. Thanks to Lucy for coordinating the cooking rota! 

Kevyn’s excellent report appeared in the Ringing World on 06 Sept 2019.

Stats: 31 towers, 277 miles (approx 37 miles/day). Route map.

Photo albums: Google (public) and Facebook group (members only).

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London (Greenwich)

The 2019 winter reunion took us to such grand towers as Southwark Cathedral (12), St Lawrence Jewry (8), St Giles Cripplegate (12) and St Michael Cornhill (12).
Around 35 Rovers, past, present and (we hope) future came, including at least one from each decade of the society’s past. Methods included Stedman and Erin Cinques, Little Bob Maximus, Cambridge and Yorkshire Surprise Royal, 8-spliced surprise major and the Cambridge 6 spliced surprise minor. Travel was largely on foot, and we were able to enjoy the winter sun.

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The 2018 tour was based at YHA Leominster, Herefordshire.

Highlights were the amazing 5 at Pembridge, lovely bells at Presteigne (8), Eardisland (8), Bromyard (10) and Eye (6), an impromptu concert from the St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir and a sadistic cat at the hostel. The towers varied from the sublime to the ridiculous, with plenty in between. The Rovers were also pleased with the offerings in terms of local beers and ciders at the various pubs we visited. The country was fairly undulating and the weather was largely good, with very little call for waterproofs.

Thanks to Mike W (tour secretary) and Louise P (master) for organising and leading! Peter's report appeared in the Ringing World on 05 July 2019.

Stats: 30 towers, 254 miles (approx 34 miles/day). Route map

Photo albums: Google (public) and Facebook group (members only).

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This is not a complete list of tours - just those for which there are photos online!

Previous Tours: Who We Are
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